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What's up Guys? Brian here. 

I want to tell you a story of how I stumbled upon the ONE THING that changed my real estate investing business forever. 

Once I figured it out, my company grew from 300K a year to over $1,000,000 per year - and has stayed there for 4 years straight!

Here's the Story...

When I got started in real estate, I was a one man show. I handwrote the yellow letters, took all the calls myself, analyzed the leads, went on appointments, made offers, got contracts signed, followed up. got the title work done, and even DROVE sellers to closings! 

Then after that, I managed renovations and rental properties, kept up with the books, and everything else. 


Even worse, my income was also maxed out. For two years, I had grossed around 300K. That's GROSS by the way, not NET. After taking out marketing costs and all other expenses, my income wasn't all that great. 

What's more, is that I didn't really ENJOY the sales part of the business. I knew how important it was. I just didn't feel like talking on the phone and going on appointments was the best use of my time. 

I knew I could do better but wasn't sure how. My brain was already hurting from how hard I was working. Plus, there just wasn't any more time in the day. 

I hired a rockstar business coach named Joe McCall, desperate for answers.

Joe took one look at my business and said:

"Dude, you need to hire an Acquisition Manager!"

At the time, I barely even knew what an Acquisition Manager was. Some kind of sales rep I thought. 

I didn't want to pay anyone to work for me, and I didn't want to let someone else talk to my customers. I was afraid they would mess up my chances of getting the deal. 

But I was paying good money for Joe, and he was more successful than me. So even though I was resistant, I took his advice. I ran the job ad, did a few interviews, and luckily stumbled upon an amazing guy named Matt. He was hired. 

After going on a few appointments with Matt, I felt it was time to let him take the reins. I directed all the phone calls to his cell phone. I showed him how to analyze leads and write offers. I set up tracking systems to see how many calls he made each day, how many appointments he went on, and how many contracts he got signed. 

To be honest, Matt was NOT as good of a salesperson as I was (when he first started out). He was maybe 60% as good.

But here's the cool part: because he was going on appointments ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, he quickly started to outperform me 3 to 1! 

That's right, Matt brought in 3 times as many new contracts as I had been able to do on my own (when I was splitting my time between that and everything else). 

And with all that practice he was getting, it didn't take him much longer to become a lot better salesperson than me.

The best part?

In the next 11 months, we grew our revenue from 300K per year to 1.1 Million! 

And since that day, I have never had to deal with another phone call, text, or email from a seller OR a title company ever again. 

Hiring my first Acquisition Manager changed everything for me. 

It's my belief that NOT having an Acquisition Manager is the BIGGEST MISTAKE most real estate investors make. If I was building my business back from ground zero, it's the very first hire I would make. 

But, you can't pick just anybody. There's actually a lot that goes into finding the right type of person for this job. You've got to know how to hire them, pay them, manage them, and improve their results over time, too. 

In my book FIRE YOURSELF, I will show you everything you need to do to make sure you hire the right person and leverage them to get the same results I did (in both revenue AND lifestyle).

I chose this topic for the book for a reason. I know first-hand how powerful this one change will be to your business. 

That is, if you take the leap of faith and DO IT. 

Thank you for reading this. I hope to see you on the other side! :)

Featured on Multiple Top RE Investing Podcasts, Brian knows how to get results for investors.
The Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast w/ Matt Theriault
The Flipnerd Podcast w/ Mike Hambright
The Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast w/ Joe McCall
The REI Profit Masters Podcast w/ Cory Boatright
Brian Ellwood is a real estate entrepreneur and coach. 

Brian believes that everyone deserves the right to be in control of their time and live a life of freedom. Brian teaches others how to achieve that through building real estate businesses and investing in properties to create passive income. 

Brian lives in Colorado but runs a fix and flip business (and a rental portfolio) of properties all over Tennessee and in Alabama. Their business does 70 flips per year and holds a portfolio of dozens of rentals.
Inside, this book, you’ll discover: 
  •  How to build an “Automated Hiring Funnel” 
  •  How to find and interview ROCKSTAR sales reps
  •  How to train your rep to DOUBLE their conversion rate
  •  How to only pay your rep when YOU get paid
  •  How to get much more out of your rep by using them for other important tasks
  •  Which KPI’s you should watch like a hawk
  •  Multiple Ninja Sales Strategies that your competition is NOT using
  •  How to get an endless amount of LEADS for your sales rep to work 
  •  How to get much more out of your rep by using them for other important tasks 
  •  And Much, Much More!
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